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since 1998

Agricultural corporation Daega food

Kimchi dipped in the finest korea cabbage grown in a clean area of Gangwon-do

Facilities Status

Land area : 9,419㎡
building area : 3,747.06㎡
Workspace 1,395㎡
Cold storage warehouse 289㎡
Auxiliary facilities 180㎡
Raw material low temperature storage warehouse 1,019.5㎡
Other facilities 863.56㎡
Product manufacturing facility
Pretreatment processing facility Cabbage cutter and 14 kinds
Brine storage facility 60 brine tanks and 13 kind
washing facilities 2 automatic washer, 6 others
Finished product facility Material mix conveyor and other 20 species
Brine reprocessing facility 1 type
Entrance Sanitary Facilities